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Mission Statement: The Oak Grove Chamber of Commerce provides leadership by connecting people, resources, and opportunities who live, work and do business within our community. Vision Statement: To work together as a community of businesses, organizations, and residents by providing a platform for networking, workforce development, and business prosperity. Value Provided: Sustainability- leaving a legacy for future generations Education Innovation- encourages new ideas and creative thinking Improvement- of business community and quality of life for residents Communication- keeps the community informed Integrity- governed by a Board of Directors and bylaws Relevance- provides programs and services that are relevant to our residents and business community Results- provides measurable results from programs, services and activities. Teamwork- bringing people together for a common goal. OAK GROVE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE BOARD OF DIRECTORS- 2017 **Toniann Richard- President **Amy Hulse- President Elect & Treasurer **Ruthann Hafner- Treasurer **Erin Craig **Zeke Larsen **Kelly Henderson **Jaylin Storm **Bob Schnieders **Bryan Thomson- School District Representative **Cathy Smith- City Representative **Bryon Price- Police Dept. Representative **Carl Scarborough- Fire Chief **Teresa Stewart- Director of Community Development

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